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27/10 10:22 Landry Dimata
, Early November 2020
27/10 10:22 Enzo Ebosse
, Mid June 2021
27/10 10:20 Roger Claver Djapone Assalé
, Early November 2020
27/10 10:16 Yassine Benzia
, Early January 2021
27/10 08:05 Iván Angulo
, Doubtful
27/10 07:58 Raphael Vanderlei Moreira Jean
, Out for season
27/10 07:54 Kristian Dirks Riis
, Late October 2020
27/10 07:53 Júnior Brumado
, Late October 2020
27/10 07:48 Johnny Nascimento
, Doubtful
27/10 07:43 José Paolo Guerrero
, Out for season

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